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The James E Holmes Movie Theater ('Batman') Massacre - Research Packages (All Updates)

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I think most people can sense that there is likely much more to the bizarre "Batman" movie theater massacre of July 2012 than meets the eye. Many liken it to the uncannily timed Stockton Schoolyard massacre and the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995, both of which have been demonstrated to be used and orchestrated to achieve the passing of unconstitutional gun ban legislation.

It therefore seems beneficial to unravel some of the mysteries of this event before: A) information is scrubbed or blacked out which could reveal the true nature of the event, and B) the clear purpose of passing the pending illegal UN gun ban treaty is achieved.

No doubt more will be discovered before long, and hopefully this package will assist the careful researcher in developing leads and making contributions, as well as establishing an archive of information likely to be lost to scrubbing otherwise.

UPDATE v2 addendum II (below) contains the information on multiple discoveries about what James Holmes was really doing in Cognitive Science at UCSD, who it was being done for, and how it ties in with the connections of his family.

It turns out that Holmes' father and grandfather are heavily connected in the DARPA military intelligence, research, world banking, and possibly mind control. They were decidedly not the humble military clerks the press would have had us believe.

It seems that James Holmes was meant to pick up the mantle where his elders left off, and pursue strange perceptual (self-hypnotic) time-travel, computational modeling of the mind ("artificial intelligence"), and possible integration of the brain with computer hardware (bionics). It is proven that the University of Colorado Anschutz institute Holmes attended before the massacre received DoD research grants, and had joint Israeli-American research grants.

There seem to be numerous indirect connections to human experimentation, psychiatry, MKULTRA-type covert intelligence projects, youth-violence and shaping of personalities using exposure to violence, hypnosis, etc..

UPDATE Package 25 July 2012 -- Very strange connections discovered indirectly linking James Holmes and Anschutz Neuroscience to movie theater management.
Stemming from the discovery of THE MYSTERY PACKAGE - "The source said that the package had been in the mail-room since July 12. The FBI 'just happened' to be at the university and happened to be the ones to find this in a mail-room where it had been for almost two weeks. [Mail left in pigeon-hole boxes in universities is in reality cleared out after 2-3 days, and hand delivered to the recipient's desk. Also, Holmes lived nearby in student housing. Why mail it at all? Students are quite accustomed to delivering papers and projects in person.]"

The "Columbine-style" diary described the future massacre plans in detail. Are we to believe this was some sort of "cry for help" by Holmes to have "someone stop him" after all his expensive preparation and planning? Or was this more likely something in the psychiatrist's possession all along?

Given that Holmes was seeing this person for psychiatric help or counseling, the notes were possibly part of the "therapeutic communication" process.

Though press releases DID NOT name the intended recipient of the package, it is possible to infer that this was likely one Dr. Daniel Abrams. He is the only one of three individuals at Anschutz receiving mail at the clinic for students, who is also licensed and practicing in psychiatry.

Dr. Abrams is founder CEO and Lead Scientist at a company that makes subdermal pumps (implanted) that pump drugs DIRECTLY INTO THE BRAIN, ostensibly for the treatment of psychosis and epilepsy, etc.. He and a Dr. Karen Stevens and Ryan C Bates, ALL WORK TOGETHER at Sierra Neropharmaceuticals AND at Anschutz.

Dr. Abrams has evidently also been a promoter of Marijuana ('Cannabis') for the treatment of epilepsy, etc..

However, what struck me as very strange is that Ryan C Bates, who is a part of this 'brain implantation' team, ALSO was a MANAGER AT AN AMC MOVIE THEATER. (Note however, that the massacre took place at a theater not owned presently by the AMC chain.) Now, how many neuroscientists can list "movie theater manager" on their resume'? Anyone? What are the odds?

James Holmes Massacre UPDATE 26 July - Leaked UN Gun Ban Exposed, Piloce and Fire Radio Recordings, and Shooting Coverup Update
From the beginning suspicions ran high that the timing of the "Batman" massacre seemed beyond coincidental. With the ratification vote of the treasonous UN gun ban treaty days ahead, the massacre seemed ideally coordinated. This package contains leaked info confirming the sinister intent behind the treaty.

Also contained in this update are Aurora police and fire radio recordings from the date of the massacre. The recordings clearly indicate that at least two other suspects (beside Holmes) escaped the scene of the massacre. Some say that that these recordings also clearly show that police and fire knew in advance that the shootings were about to occur. This would match up with the recent discovery that a planned simulated theater attack was also happening nearby. Add to that the many drills, simulations, and exercises "gone live" of 9/11, with the fact that the Aurora police chief in charge of blocking the the Aurora investigation is the same individual who similarly helped in the 9/11 coverup in New York and in the same capacity, and you have a pretty amazing mix of "impossible coincidences."

UPDATE (3 Aug 2012) -- The complete UCSD video has now been obtained. In the end credits, Holmes particularly thanks "the Helmstetter family." This turns out to be an important piece of information. It appears that the Helmstetters he refers to are involved in "soft" forms self-hypnosis and NLP-type mind control. [Note that self-hypnosis is an integral component of mind control as applied to assassins, for purposes of amnesia induction, sub-routines, etc..] One Helmstetter may be involved in ultra-left politics, political fund raising and globalism. (See relevant update in the research pack linked below.)

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